You Have No Excuse to Remain Poor and Unemployed

Do you know that God detest people who intentionally decides to be poor, despite the huge opportunities made available by him? I know you may be confused, but let me enlighten you. Do you remember the parable of the talent and how the master so despise the servant whom he gave 1 talent? What might have caused such despise? The servant in view, buried his talent; thereby provoking the masters wrath which resulted into him being made poorer by his master.

Like the parable, God has given you all that it takes for you to make it in life. So therefore you have no excuse whatsoever to remain poor. Take a look around you there are so many opportunities you can utilize and make money from.

Do you that:
1. The richest people in the world did not just stumble on wealth? They had a place they were going in mind rather than just leaving things to chance. If you do not have financial goals then you do not have financial future. Success comes when preparation meets opportunity.

2. None of the richest people became a billionaire in one day? They all started small. Most people do not want to learn the process of wealth; they just want to get wealthy all of a sudden. Please get rid of such mindset. Remember, “Thou shall not despise the days of your humble beginning”; nothing big started big, every thing big started small; Rome was never built in a day.

3. Many human needs are yet to be satisfied? So therefore get a product to market. Be ready to sell any thing legal, you can only receive checks for what you can offer to people. The richest people in the world sell their products internationally; findings shows that Dell averagely makes about $7m daily selling his products that is why he is a billionaire. You must have what to offer for money.

4. Pride comes before a fall? It pays nothing to leave a balloon-like life. Looking so large on the outward but the inside is only filled with air. Pocket your pride. Keep your “big” certificates and degrees and look for what to do, no matter the nature as long as it produces income. There is a man I know who makes millions monthly running a mobile toilet (I can here you chuckle).

5. Even in your neighborhood there are opportunities untapped?

6. There are businesses you can start with little or no capital?