soap making business

I want to give you a step by step guide on how you can make over $1000 monthly producing and selling bar soap and liquid soap in your house. the perfect recipe that worked for me and the market techniques i deployed.
The soap making business often shows up on possible home based business ideas. For several reasons i have come to realise that soap making is a highly profitable business venture. These reason are :
  • low start up capital requirement: on like most businesses that requires huge capital outlay, soap making business could even be started with less than $50 right in your house and let to grow as it pleases you.
  • High returns on capital: with good recipe and effective marketing strategies at what ever scale you start in soap making business you are sure bound to make good profit. I make about 50% profit on my bar soap and about 80% profit on my liquid soap. with this I smile to the bank daily.
  • You don't need specialised knowledge: you don't need to be science oriented to engage in soap production. Don't be scared of the chemical jargon i have simplified them to your best understanding in the manual

Note that soap is a necessary item for every house hold, every body needs it even your next door neighbour so therefore, your market is a very large one. why not seize this golden opportunity and start a profitable bar and liquid soap making business and sell to this large market, making over $1,000 monthly.

The good news I have taken time to compile a manual of my researches in over 7 years in the soap making business. inclusive in this manual are the following bonus:

  • Comprehensive recipe on bar soap and 5 different liquid soap

  • Offline lye(sodium hydroxide)calculator

  • list of all chemical and equipment needed

  • list of were to source for them within your locality
  • An effective marketing plan
I guarantee you, with this soap making manual you are on your way to a financial freedom.

TO ORDER THE COMPLETE MANUAL Please Pay N1,500 only into any Diamond Bank near you with the following account details:

Account name: Umoh Moses Nwanakwo
Account no: 0171060012514.

After payment send an email containing your name, email address, soap making business manual and teller number to or to forward as text to 08065720903. You will receive your manual via email within 24 after payment.
For further enquires please call me on 08065720903a cursor Survey