The truth I will be sharing with you is from my heart and is quite practical and I am ready to provide consultancy services to people in order to help them achieve this truth.
Out of many reason why people are poor there are 5 prominent ones which have bothered me so much and have caused me to research deeply.
Why many people in the world will remain poor and never become richer than their present level is because of the following truths:

1. Lack of Financial Intelligence:
Money may never free you from poverty. Even if I give you all the money in the world, you can never remain rich, because after a while you will exhaust it. It is financial intelligence and financial education that can make you richer than your present state.
The world is an ‘exchange globe’ were you pay for what you don’t know and receive money for what you know. Don’t deceive your self; you can never be richer than your knowledge- so seek for it.

Attend seminars and trainings. Read financial books on all types of investments. Learn from mentors. You remember that adage “show me the books you read and I will tell you were you will be in the nearest future.
2. Believing in impossibilities:

Studies show that 70% of people who believe in impossibilities really get reach. If continuously focus on the reason why projects or ideas may not be attainable then your believe system is faulty and you may never get rich. Your achievement in life is only restricted by the level of your imaginations.

You must be able to say like Paul “I can do all things” .believe in your self. Posses the ‘I can do spirit’. Because what a can, can can another can, can can even better.
3. Pride:

Some people feel too big to start small. They are not humble enough to start collecting small salary; some are too proud to attend seminars or to read books written by people younger than them.

Be humble to do any thing right, so that wealth can come to you. Note; pride comes before a fall. Don’t look like the balloon looking so large but only filled with an empty space.
4. Lack of saving culture:

Some people see their income as too small to be saved. Some others do not save because they believe that they will make it by special luck one day. No matter the class you fall into the fact remains that savings is the first step to the kingdom of wealth.

Savings carter for your future which is more important than your present. No matter the amount you of money you have now, if you do not save a part towards your future, poverty will definitely pay you a visit some day. There are many rich people who languishing in poverty today because they refuse to follow a cardinal principle of wealth creation which is savings….be wise.
5. Laziness:

No matter the level of your faith and saving culture, if you are lazy then definitely you are bound to be poor. You must be ready to work hard.

Learn the big lesson from the Ants who labor hard and save in the summer so that they don’t lack during the winter.