Recharge card printing business setup

Recharge card printing business will continue to be a very high yielding business in Nigeria, because all users of gsm phones must at keep on buying recharge card to enable them make calls. The recharge card printing business is still booming despite the strong competitions and

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even when so many call centers springs up across the country every day. This market is still growing and will never stop growing as long as telecommunications and mobile phones is still in existence.  If you are thinking of making good money from your little capital, or making money through an online business in nigeria,  then you need to read this……this is a top secret that i am revealing about recharge card printing business, which is a very lucrative business in nigeria and not in any way compared to the once you have been hearing. i guarantee that you will surely make it big from this exposition…you don’t even need to be computer literate to do this business.  If you follow my this guide and its marketing plan and after one month you don’t make at least N100,000 call me i promise to refund you every dime you had spent.

Now Do you know that over 50 million people in Nigeria have mobile phone and that an average Nigerian spends about N6,000 monthly on GSM calls? That means that averagely Nigerians spends over N300 billion monthly on recharge cards. Is it not amazing? and a point for an investor to consider going into recharge card printing business?

People are making real money in recharge card printing business from this statistics, even as you are reading this report.At first,the opportunity was reserved for the big investors, but today recharge card printing business has trickled down and what used to be exclusively for the big players can now be tapped into by savvy small investors like you and me who can also make money printing and selling recharge cards.

After my NYSC about 2 years ago, i was desperately willing to become financial free and comfortable through any legally proven means. I never really thought of the recharge card printing business because i never really saw it as a profitable business for my status (Graduate). All the same, i decided to carry out a feasibility studies the outcome was enticing. I finally gave it a trial, I learned how to print recharge card from some friends. I never really made much in the first month (only N50,000). but in the 2nd month you can never believe it, I made about N178,000 profit. Since then i have been making steady profit in the recharge card printing business.

My friend believe me, there is money in recharge card printing business.

Well, I didn’t mean to wet your financial appetite and leave you waiting. You too can be among the few people that print and distribute these fast selling vouchers in your state.You can either become a principal dealer or with N10,000 only you can become a sub-dealer.


1.  You need to learn how to print recharge card

2. You need to register with a dealer or recharge card printing company :

Registering with the recharge card printing company is absolutely free. What it entails is for you to be known to the dealer either by name or by other means of identification. The recharge card printing company will have your email address and you will have installed their software on your computer. Payments for PINS (vouchers are sold as PINS to the sub-dealers who need to print them) will be made to the company’s account number and accompanied by a text message stating how much PIN you want.

Example: send me MTN 100 (100 PINS), I have paid to your account. VCI nig ltd, umo@yahoo.com. Note that its important you call the dealers to confirm if they have on ground what you intend to buy before going ahead to make payment into their account.

You need a computer with or without internet connection but if you don’t have one, or if you are not computer literate you don’t need to worry as you can register with a recharge card dealer that will give you a machine called Orange box which you will use in printing the recharge cards

You will need a printer which can be either colored or black and white this will be used in printing of recharge card pins

A flash drive (USB) is also required. This is especially needed if you are not having personal internet connection. In other words, you need to go to cyber-cafes to copy the encrypted printing of recharge card PINS from your e-mail box.

You will need pre-printed Papers: Dealers will give you upon request. You can then give it to any printer to make copes for you. Plain papers can also be used. The most important thing is to have clear prints.

6. Recharge card printing machine

6. Internet connection is required as PINS ordered for will only be sent through the internet. That is by email. If you have personal internet connection that is cool! If you do not, it still ok just that you will have to be visiting cyber-cafes occasionally.

Recharge vouchers transactions are mainly routed through emails except in the case of a principal dealer that provides you other equipment such as orange box.

Therefore, you need to open a valid e-mail for your business if you are not having one before. Recharge vouchers to be sold to you as a dealer, is sent in an encrypted form called PINS.
They are usually encoded by your principal dealer for security purpose. You will be given a password to decode it after downloading.

You must register online with your principal dealer in order to facilitate easy and reliable trading with him’. This would enable them create a record on their database for your business transactions.

THE GOLD MINE IN THE recharge card printing business (HOW TO MAKE N180,000 MONTHLY)
Though this report is not meant to make you rich overnight, but it is an insight on the strategy i deployed to make over N200,000 monthly from printing and selling recharge cards With a start capital of N10,000-50,000.

Carry out a market survey of your locality. For instance,If the number of calling boot is 20,each demanding 100 units of MTN recharge card daily (total daily demand=20*100=2000cards) and buying the MTN N100 from sub-dealers for N96 each. you may sale for N95 each for price advantage you will make a profit of N3 per card and a total profit of N6000 every day so for a month you must have made About N180,000.

Always remember that no matter how many your competitors are in recharge card printing business, you still have a fair share of the market.This is a principle that is driven by creativity and good marketing strategy. 

Recharge card printing business


It is my sincere urge to help you make a living from this recharge card printing business opportunity and to assist you with all relevant information you may need to succeed in it. On this note, I am giving you all in one package containing:

1. The hidden secret in
recharge card printing business that even dealers will not tell you

2. Companies to sign up with for very cheap recharge card pins

  • MTN- N92, N189, N385, N726 and N1,420
  • Zain – N91, 186, N480 and N942
  • Globacom N92, N134 and N440
  • Mtel
  • Multilink
  • Starcomms
  • Etisalet N91, N184, N478 and N930
Minmum Unit is 100 per Network Voucher Pin

3. Free recharge card printing software, user guide, recharge card printing machine.

4. How to print recharge card without using a computer

5. How to start printing recharge with as little as N8,000

6. How to set up profitable recharge card business making hundreds of thousands as income

9. Recharge card business marketing secrets – and what your competitors in
recharge card printing business may not know that you can apply in your recharge card business.

10. How to make between N140,000 to N250,000 monthly profit from
recharge card printing business.

We provide Three basic methods of recharge card printing: (a) Printing with your Computerand Printing with recharge card printing Software, Printing with recharge card printing machine